Season 2 | Ep. 2

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The past is the past, but it’s not irrelevant! Your past might be cheesy, especially if you grew up in the 90s, but it is still important! It is good to look back and ask yourself why you do what you do. What shaped how you make decisions? 

Jacob talks about the coaching he got from his dad, Tyler is sad that he never won a “Kenny” in a youth film festival, and Josh talks about the tech equipment they had to work with. All these stories show that even as cheesy and funny these stories might be, these times in their lives were a part of shaping who they are today! 

What part of your past do you value that you didn’t appreciate very much when you were experiencing it? 

This podcast is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we may receive a small commission. Here are some links to the songs we referenced in this episode. Enjoy.

4:40 Old Church Basement – Song by Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music

 37:48 The Insyderz – The Hunted (Song we used for Drama)

Posted on: 09.24.2021
A closeup of Jacob Sheriff Speaking

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Jacob Sheriff has had such radical encounters with the power of God that seeing people transformed by Jesus has become his life’s mission. Click here to learn more.

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