Season 3 | Ep. 1

Jacob and Hannah Sheriff, and Josh Needham sitting at a table talking
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You may hear a new yet familiar voice in this podcast and she is here for this season! (Maybe more!)  Let’s welcome Hannah to the ongoing conversation! Tyler has had a few exciting changes in his family’s life so he is refocusing on some cool things for his family.

As a lot of you know, I went on Sabbatical last year. Hannah and I were able to truly just spend time with the Lord as leaders without daily responsibilities over staff. During this time, we learned a lot about time. I realized quickly that I had a poverty mentality around time and Hannah realized quickly how much time I would be spending at home. In this episode, we unpack some deep things we learned on sabbatical and how to lead our home and the church moving forward.

Posted on: 03.24.2022
A closeup of Jacob Sheriff Speaking

About the author:

Jacob Sheriff has had such radical encounters with the power of God that seeing people transformed by Jesus has become his life’s mission. Click here to learn more.

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