Season 4 | Ep. 4

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Hitchhiking, Bees, and Whack-a-Mole: Stories From the Mountains

Hitchhiking, Bees, and Whack-a-Mole… These are just a few of the stories shared in this episode of the Jacob Sheriff Podcast. In this episode, we sit down with Jacob and 2 of his friends who recently joined him on a backpacking trip in the Mountains of Colorado – Austin Hix and Andrew Cacho. They share stories from their experience as well as memories of previous trips. There are tons of hilarious moments that happen on the trail, but plenty of learning to gain as well. Stick around to the end to hear Hannah’s side of the story as well!

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Posted on: 03.07.2023
A closeup of Jacob Sheriff Speaking

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Jacob Sheriff has had such radical encounters with the power of God that seeing people transformed by Jesus has become his life’s mission. Click here to learn more.

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